Transfusion United 2020 - Connected through collaboration

View the recorded presentations from our dynamic and interactive free 2-day virtual global conference which took place in September 2020.

Hosted by Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Transfusion United 2020 showcased eight international speakers in a stellar program designed to bring together the transfusion community in this unique COVID-19 environment.

The event was proudly brought to you in partnership with the RCPA, RCPA QAP, ANZSBT and the Haematology in Obstetrics & Women's Health (HOW) collaborative.

  • The transfused and the breathless
  • The microbiome in health and disease
  • Washed red cells for very premature neonates: WashT Trial
  • Nurses in transfusion
  • Immunohaematology case study
  • RHD genotyping
  • International forum on hospital transfusion services' response to COVID‐19
  • Challenges in transfusion services during COVID-19 in Washington State
  • Convalescent plasma and COVID-19
  • Lunch with Lifeblood
  • Quality assurance in viscoelastic coagulation testing
  • Thromboelastography guided transfusion during critical bleeding
  • Transfusion Bootcamp: Critical bleeding

  • Platelet support for refractory patients
  • What happens to blood in a bag?
  • Pre-hospital transfusion: Something is better than nothing
  • Current clinical data for whole blood and prehospital transfusion for haemorrhagic shock
  • When biology meets engineering: A united view of red blood cells
  • Administration questions answered
  • Transfusion resources shared
  • New guidance documents for discussion
  • Clinical indications for platelets in neonates
  • Cryopreserved platelets in post-surgical bleeding: CLIP II Trial
  • Finding your quality 'why'
  • Haemolytic Disease of the Fetus/Newborn
  • Haemoglobinopathy screening in pregnancy