Transplantation surgery is only possible with testing and matching of donors and recipients. These sessions outline the challenges of transplantation and laboratory practice.

November 2018

Genomic profiling of red cell and platelet antigens allows for more precise transfusion therapy and is set to change transfusion practice.  The impact of genomics on transfusion will be discussed.

Presenter:Dr Anastazia Keegan, Transfusion Medicine Specialist, Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Guest access

29 March 2017 01:30pm - 02:30pm - Australia/Melbourne

This session focuses on the immunology as one of the new dimensions in providing compatible platelets. The background science and testing processes are discussed followed by how it is applied to patient care in the renal setting.


Rhonda Holdsworth, National Manager, Transplantation and Immunogenetics Services, Blood Service

Cathie Hart, Deputy Manager, VTIS, Blood Service.

Guest access

9 March 2016 01:30pm - 2:30pm - Australia/Melbourne

Transfusion support for patients with renal disease requires expert medical and scientific involvement while they are managed on transplantation waiting lists and are undergoing dialysis. Optimising haemostasis as well as avoiding development of further HLA antibodies requires dialysis transplantation, transfusion medicine and patient blood management expertise.  

Presenters: A/Prof Shlomo Cohney, Transplant Physician, University of Melbourne & Monash University
Dr Jeremy McComish, Clinical Immunologist, Allergist and Immunopathologist, Blood Service.

Watch this presentation by Ms Rhonda Holdsworth (24 February 2016), exploring the decision making process that underpins the allocation of a donor organ to potential recipients.

Ms Rhonda Holdsworth is the National Laboratory Manager for Transplant Services at the Blood Service.

Watch this presentation by Ms Narelle Watson (2 Sept 2015), exploring deceased donor testing and tissue typing processes in solid organ transplantation. 

Ms Narelle Watson is a Senior Scientist within the Transplantation department at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

8 Jul 2015 01:30pm - 03:00pm - Australia/Melbourne

Transplantation Services at the Blood Service has a role in typing patients on the solid organ transplant waiting list as well as organ donors. Allocation of donated organs involves the best possible match between donor and recipient, based on a number of criteria including blood type, compatibility, size, and the recipient's medical condition. This session explores the testing and processes undertaken for organ and tissue matching.

Presenters: Dr Glen Westall, Consultant Respiratory Physician at Alfred Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at Monash University
Ms Rhonda Holdsworth, National Laboratory Manager, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Watch this series of presentations by Dr Jeremy McComish and Ms Fiona Hudson delivered as part of the Melbourne Blood Service Fellows Transfusion Rounds on 12 Nov 2014. 

Presentation 1: Clinical and immunological perspective. Presented by Dr Jeremy McComish, Clinical Immunologist, Allergist and Immunopathologist. 

Presentation 2: Assays and laboratory perspective. Presented by Ms Fiona Hudson, Medical Scientist with the Victorian Transplantation and Immunogenetics Services at the Blood Service.