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Watch this presentation by Ms Bridget Ady and Dr Phillip Mondy (11 June 2014), providing an update on the TRANSFUSE study. This investigates whether transfusion of fresh red cells reduces mortality in critically ill patients. In addition the red cell storage lesion is discussed. 

Ms Ady is the TRANSFUE-RCT project manager and Dr Mondy is a Transfusion Medicine Specialist and Haematologist at the Blood Service and Consultant Haematologist at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Watch this presentation by Ms Helen Stathopoulos (12 March 2014) on pretransfusion testing and blood sampling. Ms Stathopoulos is a Senior Transfusion Scientist at the Blood Service and Transfusion Medicine Laboratory Manager with SA Pathology.

Watch this presentation by Ms Mary Diviney (13 Aug 2014), where she discusses the HLA antigen system and why HLA antibodies are relevant to transfusion medicine. Ms Mary Diviney is Senior Scientist / Manager at the Victorian Transplantation and Immunogenetics Service at the Blood Service.

Watch this presentation by Dr Chris Hogan (19 March 2014) on haemolysis. Dr Chris Hogan is Medical Director of Pathology Services at the Blood Service.

Watch this presentation by Dr Denese Marks (8 Oct 2014), where she provides an update on extending platelet shelf life to seven days. Dr Marks is the National Research and Development Leader for Product Development and Storage at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Watch this presentation by Mr Peter Frantzis (7 Aug 2014), where he provides an overview of the intra-operative cell salvage process at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the use of the ROTEM system to determine the cause of bleeding during surgery. Mr Frantzis is the Head of Clinical Perfusion at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.