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    • Obstetric and maternal patient blood management (PBM)

      13 May 2015

      Patient blood management (PBM) improves patient outcomes by improving clinical management through boosting and conserving the patient's own blood. This session will cover PBM in maternity care including iron deficiency anaemia, indications for blood product support during pregnancy, the needs of the growing fetus and critical bleeding considerations for women.

      Learning outcome:

      • Explore the evidence for PBM in obstetric and maternity care.


       Chair: Mr Leigh McJames, General Manager, National Blood Authority.


      Presentation 1: Patient Blood Management Guidelines Module 5: Obstetrics and Maternity: how were they developed? 

      Presenter: Dr Helen Savoia, Head of Haematology, The Royal Children's Hospital

      Presentation 2: What do we know about blood product use in maternity patients...and what don't we know? 

      Presenter: Dr Wendy Pollock, Critical Care Nurse and Midwife, Mercy Hospital for Women.

      Presentation 3: Module 5 Obstetrics and Maternity: using patient blood management in practice - case studies.

      Presenter: Dr Shelley Rowlands, Obstetrician, Fetal maternal specialist, Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne

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