• Transplantation matching in lung transplants

    8 Jul 2015 01:30pm - 03:00pm - Australia/Melbourne

    Transplantation Services at the Blood Service has a role in typing patients on the solid organ transplant waiting list as well as organ donors. Allocation of donated organs involves the best possible match between donor and recipient, based on a number of criteria including blood type, compatibility, size, and the recipient's medical condition. This session explores the testing and processes undertaken for organ and tissue matching.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Describe the current process for organ and tissue matching in lung transplantation.
    • Improve understanding of tissue typing and matching requirements in lung transplantation.
    • Explore the impact of transplantation matching on lung transplantation outcomes. 


    Chair: Ms Rhonda Holdsworth

    Glen Westall

    Presentation 1: The effect on recipient outcomes of HLA cross matching in lung transplantation.

    Presenter: Dr Glen Westall FRACP PhD, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Alfred Hospital, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Dept of Medicine, Monash University, Alfred Hospital.

    Rhonda Holdsworth

    Presentation 2: Implications for transplantation laboratories in matching for lung transplantation.

    Presenter: Ms Rhonda Holdsworth, National Laboratory Manager, Transplantation, Blood Service.

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