• Getting anaemia right

    Watch this series of presentations on getting anaemia right, which were delivered at a Brisbane Blood Service Transfusion Round on 12 June 2013.

    • Functional assessment of anaemia

      Presented by Dr Philip Crispin, Clinical Haematologist from Canberra Hospital and Clinical Fellow at the Blood Service.

    • Getting iron to work

      Presented by Dr Anne Haughton, Haematologist at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology.
    • Anaemia management in the community

      Presented by Dr Lilon Bandler, Senior Lecturer in the Indigenous Health Education Unit at the University of Sydney.

    • Feedback Form and Certificate

      Click the boxes next to each presentation to mark as complete. You will then have access to a short feedback form. 

      To be eligible for your certificate, you must watch over half of each presentation and complete the feedback form.