• Update on molecular genotyping

    11 May 2016 

    Gene Sequencing technology and developments in microarray platforms are already having an impact on the ability to provide compatible matched red cells for patients in the 21st century. This session outlines the technology changes going forward as well as solving some mysteries from the past and assisting in the management of clinical challenges of today.

    Learning outcomes:

    • State some of the new technology available for genotyping blood.
    • Identify suitable patients for whom advanced genotyping may be useful.


    Chair: Professor Robert Flower

    Presentation 1: Unleashing the Genie's magic (BioArray Beadchip genotyping)
    Jenny Morrison, Scientist, Red Cell Reference, Blood Service.

     Presentation 2: Massive parallel sequencing application in transfusion.
    Presenter: Dr Elizna Schoeman, Senior Research Assistant, Blood Service.
     Presentation 3: Genotyping resolving the serologically unresolvable.
    Presenter: Dr Catherine Hyland, Principal Research Fellow, Research and Development, Blood Service.
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