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    Rapid-fire 30 minute knowledge transfer sessions. A large array of transfusion topics will be covered by leading experts at a level suitable for early career doctors, nurses and scientists. This series is suitable for general hospital staff, transfusion scientist nurses, blood service medical nursing and scientific staff. The overall learning outcome is to provide an update on topical transfusion science medicine and laboratory issues for general health service staff. Each session provides an overview of an important area and provides plenty of time for questions.

    Level: Basic/Intermediate.

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    • Introducing changes to blood component labelling

      9 August 2017 01:30pm - 02:00pm - Australia/Sydney

      This session will provide an explanation of ISBT128 and changes to the labelling of blood components.

      Learning outcomes:

      • Explain the reason for moving to ISBT 128 labelling standards 

      Presenter: Ms Dimi Marinakis, Manufacturing Program Manager, Blood Service.
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