• Emerging infectious diseases, climate change and blood donation

    11 July 2018 Topic will be prerecorded and made available at 1:30PM AEST

    Emerging infectious diseases have been of major concern to humanity because of their consequences for our survival, even into the 21st century.  The webinar will outline what emerging infectious diseases are, give some examples, and explain why they continue to emerge.  A minor part of this can be attributed to climate change, but the biggest drivers are overpopulation and increased travel.  There are many other drivers as well, so we can expect there to be an ongoing problem with these conditions.  Some of these emerging infectious diseases pose a problem for the safety of the blood supply for transfusion, and how it is identified and mitigated is explained, giving three examples of emerging or re-emerging diseases: Zika virus, hepatitus E and hepatitus A.

    Presenter:Professor Iain Gosbell, National Donor and Product Safety Specialist, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

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